Strengthening Local Farmers to avert looming food crisis

A recent statement from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the United Nations’ special agency entrusted with the responsibility for rural and agricultural development, clearly indicates that to

The Silent Agric Revolution; Young Rural Farmers Equipped to Face the Future

 FAYODE is Interfacing conventional and modern approaches to speed up rural development through youth empowerment, tailor-made innovation has been conceived to achieve this goal.

Opportunities and risks of Nigeria’s rising population: A look back into the future

Nigeria’s rising population comes with its attendant risks and opportunities.

Strength of Numbers and Unity of Purpose: A Beam of Hope for Young Kwara Farmers

After several community visits, analysis and deliberations, the Facility for youth Development (FAYODE) has expanded its activities into the north central geo-political zone of Nigeria.

FITFAMTOMBIA: One Young Woman’s Story

Ms. Perpetual-Love Uduma is the young CEO of FitFamTombia – a food processing enterprise now registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).