TULA Clothing emerges as the first beneficiary of FAYODE

exchange of grant offer

TULA Clothing (or TULA for short) has emerged as the first beneficiary of the financing scheme offered by the Facility for Youth Development (FAYODE) to support the growth and expansion of entrepreneurial skills and businesses of young people.

FAYODE is a foundation whose main purpose is to provide development opportunities that can contribute to improved livelihoods of youth in Africa. FAYODE’s goal is to provide financial support and mentorship to rural youth, assist them in developing well-managed micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), become self-confident, and contribute to improved livelihoods in their families and rural communities.

FAYODE’s financing scheme provides grants and loans to young people who have shown some zeal to start new ventures or in expanding their businesses. One of such young people is TULA Clothing owned by Emmanuel Eyo a graduate who produces ready-to-wear and bespoke clothing solutions, for all seasons and occasions. The business established in February 2002 has excelled at clothing multinational brands, notable figures and personalities.

To enhance his business operations, FAYODE provided TULA with a no-interest loan to support rental costs for factory/office space for new machinery and other equipment that would be provided to the company through the grant component. Securing a factory/office space was part of the set conditions for TULA  to have access to the grant component. Prior to the assistance offered by FAYODE, TULA  business activities were carried out   in Mr Eyo’s private residence.

Upon meeting these set conditions, a grant agreement was signed on 3rd October 2018 between TULA  and FAYODE. The grant will support the procurement of modern clothing machines and equipment over a two-year period and will be subject to regular monitoring of progress and delivery of agreed milestones.  

To improve on his brand and distinguish it from others of its kind, Emmanuel attended international trainings and gained experience in the clothing and art industry from the studies of African art and clothes designs UAL London, Nairobi Art Academy Kenya, Woodin Art and Design Institute, Cote D'Ivoire, Impression du Afrique Lomé, Research and Study of the Ankara Designs Ghana, Cicam designs in Cameroon and the late Uche Okeke Uli-works. He is also a talented creative and unconventional fabrics artist, with a quest to build a world-class fashion and clothes art industry in Nigeria.