The Silent Agric Revolution; Young Rural Farmers Equipped to Face the Future

 FAYODE is Interfacing conventional and modern approaches to speed up rural development through youth empowerment, tailor-made innovation has been conceived to achieve this goal.

Opportunities and risks of Nigeria’s rising population: A look back into the future

Nigeria’s rising population comes with its attendant risks and opportunities.

Strength of Numbers and Unity of Purpose: A Beam of Hope for Young Kwara Farmers

After several community visits, analysis and deliberations, the Facility for youth Development (FAYODE) has expanded its activities into the north central geo-political zone of Nigeria.

FITFAMTOMBIA: One Young Woman’s Story

Ms. Perpetual-Love Uduma is the young CEO of FitFamTombia – a food processing enterprise now registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).


Trading on futures: A case from Awka

FAYODE’s mission of empowering rural youths has expanded further into the lower Niger – the south-eastern part of Nigeria – Anambra State. Mr. Nelson Chigozie is a young man in his early thirties.

Tula’s Clothing Company Ltd: Vision, Commitment Plus Support – Makes The Difference

Indeed, rural transformation is possible when we place the energetic population - the youths - at the center of rural development.